TetraQ is an accredited, skilled drug development organisation that provides collaborative R&D opportunities, preclinical & clinical testing to the life sciences industry

Welcome to TetraQ

Preclinical & Clinical Testing Services

  • ADME / Bioanalytics
  • Toxicology
  • Efficacy
  • Pharmaceutics

TetraQ is an experienced commercial and regulatory compliant preclinical and clinical contract research organisation (GLP/ISO17025) located in a university research centre. TetraQ's broad range of high quality integrated preclinical and clinical testing and R&D services is backed up by in-depth technical-scientific expertise and experience in drug development and translational research, which sets it apart from so many other CROs.

TetraQ has successfully conducted preclinical and clinical drug development projects with numerous industry partners for almost a decade. These projects address different therapeutic areas, different methods and techniques development and can range from lead identification, target identification, researching the mechanism of action, to preclinical and clinical testing in terms of efficacy and safety. For more information, visit the section on Collaborative Research and Development.

Pain is one of TetraQ’s areas of special expertise. TetraQ has experience with a number of pain target classes, molecule classes, dosing routes and has the ability to quantitatively assess several side effects in vivo.

 Our NATA ISO 17025 (R&D) accreditation and GLP recognition allows our ADME, bioanalytical and Toxicology work to be accepted internationally for regulatory review.


The mission of the TIA-QLD Node is to provide a facilitated pathway to assist Australian life sciences discovery researchers to progress their inventions through the various nonclinical & clinical development steps to the point where they will attract investment for commercialization into products for improving human health.

Australia’s leading‑edge research infrastructure network provides the equipment and expertise to enable Australian researchers to do world class research, and Australia’s industries to increase their productivity through new products and processes.